Saturday, January 12, 2013

Do You Have a Blog?

So, when I talk to people and we came to the subject of what are some of the things we like, what are we passionate about, what do we want to be years from now, it always come to writing. Well, obviously, right? I'm a writer, I love to write, so it will always come down to writing. And every time we touched this subject, people come up to me with this oh-so-popular question: Do you have a blog?

Okay, I get it. Writers, they blog, or at least most of them. I know that every writer I followed on Twitter has a blog and most of them are actively blogging, tweeting the links to their newest posts every now and then. Huge names from Amy Tan, Neil Gaiman to Paulo Coehlo all are active bloggers and I'm not surprised at all. They're writers and writers write a lot. They're going to want to have this platform where they can share whatever it is they have in mind and have real-time readers responding to what they have to say. In my case, it's true, I do write a lot, but I don't exactly demand readers to respond or somewhat communicate to me too what they have in mind (Although, that would of course be a lot of fun). So, do I have a blog?

I don't know. I'm not sure what I should answer when I do have a blogger account, I do have a blog page, I do have blog posts, I just haven't posted another one since I don't know when (most probably September 2012). But then again, I guess I do have a blog, an outdated one, I suppose, but I still do have a blog.

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