Sunday, December 24, 2017

What a Difference a Few Seconds Make.

My dog died from a car crash.

She was exploring the streets in the neighborhood, nothing unusual. But a car that was unusually fast failed to see -- or perhaps he or she just didn't bother to care -- that there was a dog trying to cross the street and went straight on. They hit her right through.

The constructions workers who saw what happened said the car came at such a high speed that she were thrown, rolling on the streets. Next thing you know, she had to scrape the concrete trying to get to the other side. Bleeding nose, loose teeth and scratches all over. But the people in our neighborhood were kind. They knew whose she was, so they called us and kept her safe until we got there. (God is so good!)

It was an awful crash. A part of her spine was shattered. Her bladder was ruptured. The back half of her body is paralyzed, so she couldn't walk on her own, couldn't wag her tail anymore. 4 days after the crash she died.

What a difference a few seconds make.

And yet whoever drove that car on a normal 3:15pm wouldn't have been thinking about what effect he or she could have caused by driving way past the speed limit. They wouldn't be thinking about that because they drove on anyway. Had it ever crossed their mind that their small, seemingly miniscule, insignificant decision to step on their gas pedal -- despite of knowing about how reckless that decision is -- could cause such grief and misery to more than just one random animal? Had it occurred to them that their decision to be careless in just a few seconds would have caused a dog 2 legs, 1 tail and several other body parts, and eventually her entire life; and heartache, time, and resources for the whole family and their friends? Had it popped in their heads that the dog might be more valuable than just a ball of dust that was blown by the wind across the street, that it was in fact loved and cherished and value like its own child?

I'm sure they didn't mean it. Or at least, I'm doing my best to believe that there was a bigger reason to the crash than a mere result of youthful-immature-reckless-adrenaline-rush driving. I'm sure they didn't mean it.

But I wonder, how many times have we recklessly do one thing or two, not knowing the effect those decisions have caused? It could have been me. It could easily have been my small decision to be careless in my everyday routine that was as fatal as that 3:15pm drive that crashed my dog. Maybe I have made decisions that didn't hurt me, but caused lives of pets or hearts of humans. I wouldn't know, would I? Whoever drove that car knew nothing of what the past few days were like to me and my family.

What a difference a few seconds make.

I wonder how different it would have been, if he or she had taken a moment to think through about how they should drive. If they took a moment to reflect, pull back, and not hit gas when they knew they shouldn't in the first place. I wonder how different we would be if we keep it in the back of our heads how much life isn't just about yourself and myself. And that everything we do, no matter how insignificant they may seem, will perhaps bring a bigger impact than what we think it could ever give. I think we would be so much more impactful. I think we would save so many others from heartaches and grief.

I wonder how different a few seconds would make.

Maybe my dog would get to the other side of the street safely and came through my gates in one peace. Maybe she would still wag its tail and jump around when I come home. Maybe she would live for a few more years happily in our home and neighborhood, running around chasing flies and cats and shadows.

Maybe she would. Maybe she could.

Yes, truly what a difference a few seconds would make.


PS: I praise God that Choki, our dog, died in our arms. That God gave us a chance to say bye. She was the most joyful and loyal dog. We love her so much. She will forever be in our hearts.

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. Psalms 34:18 NLT" - Psalm 34:18

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