Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thoughts on the Freedom to Express.

Being a writer and a reader exposes us constantly to the freedom to express opinions, emotions and all sorts of things. Some people express their political views and beliefs through plays and poetry. Some others express their disappointments in wrong upbringing, their concerns for crimes happening in the world and even their issues with mother-in-laws through essays and even write stories reflecting on their personal experiences using fictional characters. The more I understand this, the more dig through the motives of why writers write about something, the more I get where the writers are coming more, the more overwhelming it becomes. Because it's crazy how much emotion we feel and go through on a daily basis and it makes me wonder how could we ever survive from becoming some nutcase without this freedom to express our opinions? 

We express our thoughts in so many ways, from merely just talking to a friend to becoming a social activist or running for President, and yet even if we have already been appointed as the President, we will always have something more to say, something else to fix. And thinking about this makes me understood what Ray Bradbury said about how he was often called a nutcase:

"Writing keeps you sane." 

I didn't understand this, when I heard him say this in one of his speeches, because I felt like he was being over the top. But looking back, I figured it's probably true. Bradbury writes because he felt joy when he's writing and he found his voice there. This voice he founds through writing gives him the capability to express everything he wanted to share to the world and that, kept him sane. That voice kept him in a good shape because he didn't need to hold back on anything and when you don't hold back, you find peace. Isn't that the whole purpose for having the freedom to express?

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