Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Learn to Unlearn.

The thing with being in new places is that you're forced to unlearn at a certain level, if that makes any sense. Of course learning is inevitable, but more than ever, I think unlearning is what really makes a difference.

The moment we step into a new place, we are still our old selves. We come with certain perspectives, wired in certain ways. Our old habits and personalities are still there. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, because everyone is somewhat like that and everyone is to some extend pretty stubborn at wanting to keep them that way. But what I find is that the more I let go of what I know about how to function, and unlearn my perspectives, take the risk of not having the perfect day in exchange of possibly a free-chilling-adventurous day, I ended up learning so much.

Simple things as walking slower not to be ahead of everyone else's pace, looking up and around intentionally every few steps to let the surroundings sink in. Making small talks to people I just met, letting other people pick what to order from the menu when we go out to eat. Not setting schedules! It's amazing what you discover in new places when you let yourselves bend you for a bit.

And as I take the time to sit and ponder on this, I find that perhaps this is how God wants us to think too. Because as He call us into His grace, give us new life and start to do things in our lives, we should constantly have our perspectives renewed, right? I'm not saying we should let go of our core values, of our core identity. But I think as we venture to new places, serve in different ministries, get connected to diverse groups of people to share about Jesus, we need to somehow let God bend and shape us to fit what He wants us to become.

Knowing how unlimited and capable God is to do so much, shouldn't we be in a mindset that leaves room for God to be creative? To make miracles beyond what we can imagine? To always (YES, ALWAYS) be surprised and blown away by the ways God just appear out of nowhere, in perfect timing?

I think this is what happens when we go to new places. I think this is what should happen when we step into our new lives. To unlearn from our old selves, making room to learn to become who we need to, ought to and called to be.

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